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The Legacy of Christianity

The true face of Christianity.


On reflection on what I had been hearing on many of the Christian broadcasts in which they all seem to claim that their religion is the only true gospel that represents their god, Je-Zuse Christ. These people make the bold claim that any people who are outside the Christian religion, like us, are not walking in the light of GOD. That only Christians can be looked upon as being a godly people and uphold the teachings that is found within the New Testament. So I asked myself; Would this Je-Zuse Christ which these Christians speak so much about, and claim to emulate, would have condone the actions that Christians had committed in his name? So I made this little chronology on the history of Christianity and of the people who believe in that religion. Please understand that this list is not a full, compleat, detail account of all of the atrocities that had been committed by those people who profess to be a godly people. For that would require an extremely long list. This will be an eye-opener to both professing Christians and non-Christians alike. So lets start this chronology at the beginning when Christianity first emerged on the world scene.

80 CE; During the reign of Titus, The people who would become known as Christians had seperated themselves from the true fold of Yeshua. They develope and create their own dogma and god whom they will call Je-Zuse Christ.

170 CE; Marcus (Aurelius Antoninus) was emporor of Rome and was an enemy of the Christians because he believed that they were secretly planning to overthrow Rome. Clement of Alexandria was born in 150 CE and died in 215 CE. He had lived for fifty-five years. He was a church father (Bishop) and theologian of the early Christian Eastern Orthodox Church sect. He started his ministry around 170-180 AD. He was born in Athens and spent most of his time in Alexandria. His most important work is the trilogy “Exhortation to the Greeks” the “Tutor” and “Miscellanies. His is the earliest works (documents) of the teachings of the early Christian that is on hand. Teachings and works a good hundred years after the actual events had taken place from the time of Yeshua and the original Apostles.

200 CE; Emperor Claudius Era; Since the Jews were continually making disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus, he [Claudius] expelled them from Rome.

284 CE; Emperor Diocletian found that he could not rule by himself, so the division of the Empire began. He split the empire in half, with two emperors ruling from Italy and Greece, each having a co-emperor of their own. This division continued into the 4th century.

324 CE; Constantine I (Constantine the Great.) became the monarch of Rome. Great for who? Certinally not for those people who had suffered or were slaughtered during his reign.

325-363 CE; The persecution and execution of people whom the “Christian Church” viewed as heretics began. Heretics were people who did not uphold fully to the theology that was given to people by the ruling “Church”. Non-believers of Christianity and people who had strayed from the strict teachings of the ruling Christian “Church” or those people who spoke against the “Church” or its teachings were persecuted and executed. Any “gospel” writings that did not meet the full approval of the then ruling “Church” were confiscated and burned. Emperor Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to become a Christian, a sort of part-time Christian upheld by the then Roman Christian church, had over 3000 non-Christians and Christians executed because some people had refused to covert to the Christian religion, or those people who held interpretations of Christianity that did not agree with his and the Roman (Catholic) church that he represented. These killing of innocent people were more than the number of Christians who had died at the hands of the pagan Romans during the well known 1st century persecutions of Christians when they were led to the lions. Constantine decided to found a new capital for himself and chose Byzantium (today’s Istanbul) for that purpose.

330 CE; Constantine makes Constantinople (Nova Roma) his capital.

382 CE; Emperor Theodosius passed laws making heresy punishable by death.

527 CE; Justinian I becomes Emperor.

532-537 CE; Justinian builds the church of Hagia Sophia/Holy Wisdom.

777 CE; Charlemagne, a Christian, after conquering the Saxon rebels, gave the people a choice between baptism and execution. When they refused to convert, he had 4500 people beheaded just in one morning.

1054 CE; The Church in Rome breaks with the Church in Constantinople.

1060 CE; A reign of terror began for those people who did not uphold fully the Roman Catholic Church theology and teachings. Those people whom the Roman Catholic Church deemed as heretics, were hunted down, persecuted and executed. Any material that were found that did not meet the full approval of the Roman Catholic Church was destroyed and burned.

1096-1099 CE; Christian crusaders swept over Jerusalem and slaughtered innocent men, women and children who were Jews and non-Christians, along with the Turks, “until their horses were knee deep in blood. Then they went to the church to thank their phony god for his mercy.”

1203 CE; Constantinople is occupied by the Forth Crusaders.

1205 CE; Pope Innocent III in the Bull Si adversus vos, forbade any legal help for people who were deemed to be heretics. These heretics were strictly prohibited to have lawyers or notaries in assisting them by council or support, or defend them in any way.

1208 CE; Papal legate in Southern France who had been making progress in the forced convertion on the people of Cathar was murdered by those people who had rebelled against this outrage. Christians considered these people to be heretics to orthodox Catholicism.

1215 CE; Fourth Lateran Council declared that convicted heretics shall be handed over for due punishment to their secular superiors, or the latter’s agents. …If a temporal Lord neglects to fulfil the demand of the Church that he shall purge his land of the contamination of heresy, he shall be excommunicated by the metropolitan and other bishops of the province. If these non-catholics Nobals or Lords failed to make amends within a year, it shall be reported to the Supreme Pontiff, who shall pronounce his vassals absolved from fealty to him (consfectation) and offer his land to Catholics. The latter shall exterminate the heretics, possess the land without dispute and preserve these lands and people to the Christian faith.

1216 CE; Dominican order was founded.

1224 CE; In his Constitution, Frederick III declared that heretics be convicted by an ecclesiastical court and should suffer death by fire.

1226 CE;Louis IX ordered barons to deal with heretics according to the dictates of duty.

1230 CE; Pope Gregory IX began the Medieval Inquisition by setting up in Toulouse, France, the first permanent tribunal to deal with heresy.

1232 CE; Pope Gregory IX established the Inquisition in Aragon. In the Bull Declinante jam mundi of 26 May, 1232, Archbishop Esparrago and his suffragans were instructed to search for and punish heretics in their dioceses.

1237 CE; The Inquisition was formally placed under the authority of the Dominicans and the Franciscans during the Council of Learida.

1239 CE; Robert le Bougre at Montwimer in Champagne, had burned at the stake about a hundred and eighty people during a trial that lasted a week.

1242 CE; At the Synod of Tarragona, Raymund of Pennafort defined the terms haereticus, receptor, fautor, defensor, etc., and outlined the penalties to be inflicted.

1249 CE; Count Raylmund VII of Toulouse had eighty people who were view as heretics were burned at the stakes in his presence without giving them a chance to recant.

1252 CE; Torture to elicit confessions was first authorized by Pope Innocent IV in his Bull Ad exstirpanda (May 15th) which was confirmed by Pope Alexander IV on November 30, 1259, and by Pope Clement IV on November 3, 1265 in Ad exstirpanda Innocent IV wrote: When those adjudged guilty of heresy have been given up to the civil power by the bishop or his representative, or the Inquisition, the podestà or chief magistrate of the city shall take them at once, and shall, within five days at the most, execute the laws made against them. He also ordered that this Bull and corresponding regulations of Frederick II be entered in every city among the municipal statutes under pain of excommunication, a punishment also visited on those who failed to follow the papal and imperial decrees.

1254 CE; Pope Innocent IV prohibited perpetual imprisonment or death by burning on the stake from people who were deemed to be heretics without his episcopal consent.

1260 CE; Pope Alexander IV on April 27, authorized inquisitors to absolve one another of any irregularities in the pursuit of their duties.

1261 CE; Constantinople is liberated by the Byzantine emperor Michael Palaeologus.

1262 CE; Pope Urban IV renewed this authorizion on August 2, and this was soon interpreted as formal licence to continue the examination under torture within their torture chambers.

1280 CE; A bull from Pope Nicholas III was read …If any, after being seized, wish to repent and do penance, they shall be imprisoned for life. Anyone who receive, defend, or aid heretics shall be excomminicated. If those who were suspected of heresy cannot prove their innocence, they shall be excommunicated. If they remain under the ban of excommunication for a year, they shall be condemned as heretics. They shall have no right of appeal.

1286 CE; The consuls of Carcassonne complained to the pope, the King of France, and the vicars of the local bishop about the inquisitor Jean Garland, whom they alleged had been inflicting torture to their people.

1320 CE; In a trial held at Pamiers in southern France, a converted Jew who was accused of having relapsed into Judaism, argued that he had been forced to submit to baptism under the threat of death. His arguments, however, were rejected by the inquisitorial tribunal on the grounds that Baruch (The Jew) had not been forcibly held at the baptismul and that he did not protest at the time because he had been told that to protest meant death. This answer did not satisfy the inquisitors, who argued that only in such circumstances as they had specified could a defense of coerced baptism be recognized.

1378 CE; A Great Schism developes because there had been two or three Popes at the same time, each supported by rival powers in Europe.

1391 CE; The Jewish community of Barcelona was decimated and hundreds of thousands of Jews were either massacred or forced into baptism in Aragon and Castille. From then on into the fifteenth century, Jews continued to be forcefully baptized. Although the Church frowned upon this type of mass compulsory conversion, once the person was converted, any deviation from the Catholic faith on the part of the convert constituted “heresy.” and were subject to the penalty of death.

1417 CE; A great schism ends that would recondnize only one Pope in office.

1420 to 1498 CE; Torquemada became the organizer of the Spanish Inquisition.

1448 CE; Concordat of Vienna. Emperor gives up attempts to reform the Church .

1453 CE; Ottoman Turks take Constantinople. End of Byzantine Empire

1478 CE; Pope Sixtus authorized the Spanish Inquisition. The Catholic faith was believed to be in danger from pseudo converts from Judaism (Marranos) and Islam (Moriscos).

1483 CE; Martin Luther was born. He was brought up as a Christian and became a priest of the Roman Catholic Church

1484 CE; Papel Bull condemns withcraft. Inquisitors sent to Germany to try witches.

1486 CE; On February 11, and again in February 6, 1487, Torquemada was given the position of Grand Inquisitor for the kingdoms of Castile, Leon, Aragon, Valencia, etc.

1492 CE; Rodrigo Borgia elected Pope (Pope Alexander VI). Also; What began with Columbus’ voyage, on through the seventeenth century in Northern, Central and South America, these fine Christians who had established their colonies, had perpetuated the vastest holocaust and genocide in all of human history. Their Christian rampage to steal the lands from the native people had killed in average of well over 80 percent of the people. Their killing of native people amounted to probably more than 150 million victims. What was the mind set of these fine upstanding Christian people who felt it was their duty to slaughter all these native people? As Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop had put it, “It was the duty of Christians to carry the Gospel into those parts of the world, and to raise a Bulwark against the kingdom of the Ante-Christ.” My, how nice of these Christians to bring the Gospel to those that they had slaughtered!

1500 CE; Became known as “The Burning Times”. As the Church spread lies about people who were accused of being “withces”, men, women and even children were accused of being with the devil, of Satan. People who would not follow the “Christian” faith were increasingly persecuted as the hysteria increased. With the aid of witch-hunting manuals such as the Malleus Maleficarum, thousands of people were accused as witches across Europe, a large portion of these people were not even practitioners of their Old Religion. Never-the-less, they were hunted down and killed. This type of slaughter continued well into the 18th century in Europe. Even today, the actual number of people who died during that time is unknown.

1515 CE; Pope Leo X instituted pre-press censorship, but it was not fully enforced.

1517 CE; Martin Luther denounce the Roman Catholic Church and posts his 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg.

1534 CE; Henry VIII of England breaks with Roman Catholic Church.

1541 CE; John Calvin founds “City of God” in Geneva.

1542 CE; Bernardino Ochino, head of the Capuchin Order fled Italy and converted to Protestantism. Almost as soon as he left, Swiss presses began printing and exporting compilations of his works, many of which found their way back into Italy. Fearing that Ochino’s words would cause more Catholic people losses to Protestantism, Pope Paul III banned his writings in Italy.

1544 CE; A new version of Index of Forbidden Works was created. Pope Paul IV’s Pauline Index banned over 583 authors. He knew better than to allow any room for argument over the new Index: he made it clear that its contents were not open for debate. The Pauline Index banned many northern European scientific texts not necessarily becuase they contained heretical views, but because their author was Protestant.

1545 CE; Council of Trent begins. Aims to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

1562-1578 CE; French religious wars between Catholics and Protestants.

1563 CE; Last session of the Council of Trent was held.

1564 CE; After the last session of the Council of Trent had closed, the Congregation of the Index released a refined Tridentine Index. This new Index, with modifications, would be the model for every Index to be released aftewards. This Index marked the end of the “free press” in all of Italy, including liberal states like Venice, for some time. Naturally, there was an extensive underground book trade in Protestant books during this time.

1571 CE; Congregation of the Index (of banned books) was convened.

1588 CE; Pope Sixtus V created the Congregation of the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition or Holy Office.

1600 CE; Giordano Bruno was tried and burned alive at the stake.

1633 CE; Galileo Galilei was tried and convicted of heresy and escaped the death penelty because he had recanted his teachings.

1697 CE; While the “Burning Times” were moving towards their end in Europe, in America, another witch-hunt was beginning. As with the European witch-hysteria, American Protestant Puritans, and Protestant “churches” who had fled persecution from their fellow Christians in Europe and Great Britain, had fostered an environment ready for such a hysteria, strained as its inhabitants were between economics, lifestyles and politics as a result of their new surroundings and the Puritan superstitions and religious beliefs. Women were a major target for these which hunts because they were often found to be mixing brews of herbs probably for medical reasons and were accused of being handmaidens of Satan. These Witch hunts had killed men, women and children by these Protestant Christians with their stupid superstitious and perverted ideology. With the addition of slavery spreading throughtout the Americas, many of these slaves were involved in voodoo, the stage was set for another general panic and witch-hunt to begin which Protestant Christians formed the Ku Klux Klan. The vast majority of its members were and still are Protestant Christians.

1808 CE; King Joseph Bonaparte abrogated the Spanish Inquisition.

1814 CE; The Inquisition became known simply as the “Holy Office.”

1841 CE; The persecution of Protestant Christians by Catholics in France continued with very little intermission from the revocation of the edict of Nantes, by Louis XIV.

1917 CE; The Codex Juris Canonici abolished use of torture by the Church.

1933 CE; Pope Pius xII (Bishop Pacelli) desired to enhance papal power with the new Germany of Hitler’s regime. Germany at the time was made up mostly of Protestants. Pope Pius XII negotiate with Hitler, signing the 1933 Reich Concordat. The negotiations were conducted exclusively by Pope Pius XII (Pacelli) over the heads of the faithful, the clergy, and the German bishops. This was responsible for the crippling of political resistance of German Catholics, and hence made him a willing accomplice of the Nazi regime. Pope Pius XII, during World War II, had brought lasting shame on the Catholic Church by failing to denounce the Final Solution. Only when Hitler broke away from the Catholic Church, did Pope Pius XII begin to work against the Hitler Nazi regime. By then, Hitler’s regime was falling apart. This is the reason why you now have conflicting views on the subject.

1965 CE; Pope Paul VI reorganized the Holy Office and renamed it Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith.

1970 – 20002 CE; Scandel breaks out in newspapers that sodemy of children among the congregations of Catholic and Protestant Christian churchs is found to have been perpetuated by its clurgy. It had also been established that children, in Catholic and Protestant church run orpfanages, schools and other Christian institutions had been dens of sodemy, of mental and phyisicle abuse of children in their care. It had been established that sexual, phyisicle and mental abuse of children, young teenage boys and girls and Nuns had been going on for the past hundreds of years. Such was the power and control the church had over the people that these atrocities had gone on unnoticed by the general public.

Such is the Legacy of Christianity

religion that these Priests, Pastors and false prophets are trying to convince people to join? That they represent the true faith that our Beloved Brother Yeshua had established and had preached? I don’t think so! Rather than these Priests, Pastors and false prophets boast about their Christian religion, given the lagacy that has been pointed out here, they should hang their head in shame. It is for this reason that Catholic and Protestants alike, try very hard to hide and ignore their atrocious segments of their Christian history. Over the years, I had taken a great deal of verbal abuse from those who speak on their Christian radio and TV broadcasts because I dared to be honest, frank and speak the truth. Now you know the reason why I have been lambasted by these people. Why they have lied about my person, when their sayings were found not to be true. Why they have attack me like a bunch of vipers with their sarcastic remarks and rude attitude because I had shown how totally ignorant these Priests, Preachers and false prothets are about the religion that they preach. Now maby you can understand the reason why these people want to discredit me and my teaching. You are free to check out these facts on this chronology for yourself as to the truth of its entry. Now you may understand why I said that the Holy Spirit had not been within the religion of Christianity from the start. Nor was the Holy Spirit guiding these Christian churches then, or now. For they had forsaken GOD, the Heavenly Father, when these churches had created their own god. Now you know why Yeshua had nothing to do with their churches and its people. For they are not of his flock. Now you can understand why I had said that these various Christian churches had been created from their own cunning, from their own effort and works. The Holy Spirit had nothing to do with the estabilshing and expansion of these churches. Yet, these Catholic Priests, Protestant Preachers and false prophets continue to claim that the Holy Spirit had, and still guide their perverted churches. Hardly, given the horrendous track record you have just read of their history. I hope the readers of our web pages will judge all of these issues that I have brought up, and decide for themselves, as to who of us, is speaking the truth. Those people who pervert the truth and attack me, or what I have written here on our web site. You be the judge. I can only feel sorry for those people who have been the victims of this great Christian fraud, perpetuated by Catholic Priests, Protestant Preachers and false prophets. Who have deceived their congregation. These people think that their sins have been forgiven. I am sad to say that they have not, not when they uphold a false doctrine and pray to a fictitious god of their own making. For the Heavenly Father has not heard their prayers and our Beloved Brother Yeshua knows them not. So please consider very carefully where your soul/spirit is standing, in relation with GOD, your Heavenly Father. For those people who claim to be a Christian today, they shair that legacy of Christianity through their association with that false faith. Those Christians who have wilfully deceived people and have spoken against the Holy Testament and me, they shall feel the wrath of an angry GOD. I can only hope that you have not lost the ability to recognise the ring of truth when you hear or read it, so that you will be able to come to your Heavenly Father with a clean heart. I sugguest that you flee from those Christian churches and study groups with their false doctrines that lead you into confusion if you happen to be involved with these decivers. Do not let yourself get drawn into that perverted Christian religion, least you condemn yourself, your soul/spirit to everlasting death. For they have already condemned themselves to eternal death. Rather; Seek out your Heavenly Father and ask for His forgiveness with a humble heart so that your soul/spirit may be saved. You may choose to stay within your present religion, or not get involved in any religion at all, or choose to accept what I have revealed to you. The choice is yours to make. Sincerely Yours, Jean

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